Friday, April 29, 2005

Open-Source EAI Project

I'm considering starting an Open-Source EAI project. The basic concept is a simple implementation of a EAI platform. The design would be simple, easy to deliver, easy to operate. It would be all Java based using JMS as the messaging system. The strengths would be robustness and reliability based upon my experiences with implementing and enhancing EAI solutions. It would not contain a great degree of transformation or data enrichment capabilities. Those can be added by the user. It's just in the concept stage right now. I'll keep you posted as I get a little further along. I will post a link to the primary site project, once it is far enough along. Why you ask? It's a good exercise for me and it might give some folks who have not been exposed to EAI a chance to get into it without the large investment that goes along with EAI solutions. Kind of a simple learning tool.

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Chirag said...


An Open Source EAI project makes sense for multiple reasons.

I know lot of people who need to do very simple EAI/b2b stuff, but can not do, because of prohibitive costs of licenses. They find it difficult to justify cost of license, implementation and then maintaining it...