Tuesday, May 17, 2005

webMethods Customer Council

I'm hanging out at webMethods HQ this week at their Customer Council event. They bring in customers to talk with various folks about direction, support, quality etc. This is one of the positives with working with webMethods. They are a very approachable software company. Access is provided to all levels of folks within the organization. This was a big selling point to me when evaluating webMethods.

Of course the other big benefit of this event, is meeting the other customers and sharing stories. It's always good to find out what others are doing and what they are experiencing.

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Mark Griffin said...

It was a very productive event. I had met a lot of the folks before but there were some I had not met. Marc Beissinger gave an interesting talk on the future of the platform.

Really the best part was being able to talk with the different product managers about various aspects of the products. Very helpful and productive.

Most of the customers were focused on the current production type issues they are facing and how the product might evolve to meet them. All were very common themes that we have all seen before.