Monday, November 21, 2005

Open-Source Impact on Software Vendors

More and more big vendors are jumping on the open-source bandwagon. Oracle, IBM, Sun and even Microsoft to some extent are releasing pieces or versions of their product in an open-source style of license. In some cases they are simply allowing use of certain versions or pieces for free while not actually offering up the source code. In either case it seems clear that this is a move designed to counter the affect of the growing open-source movement.

What affect will this have on the smaller vendors who are not embracing(or reacting) to the open-source influence. Its probably to early to tell at this point but I think the head in the sand approach could be unwise for certain vendors. Especially the ones where a growing open-source community exists. What do you think? Is the open-source impact real or is it a fad that will die in time?

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