Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SOA Pipeline | Business Management << How Software Consolidation Will End Up Squeezing You >> February 26, 2006

More and more folks are coming to this conclusion. The hype is high but the reality is low for SOA. If you have seen the mixed adoption of OOP and the partial success of EAI and you were wondering if SOA somehow made all of those issues go away, in short the answer is no. SOA is a good thing but it is not mature, not yet.

Folks that found success with OOP and EAI will probably transition well into an SOA style of architecture. Everyone else will struggle. Why? Because integration is hard (esp. real time). Developing interfaces that are abstract and reusable is hard. Convincing clients and management that spending extra time on common information models is hard. Understanding the 8 million Web Services standards well let's not even go there.

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