Friday, June 16, 2006

Ozzie takes top Microsoft software job - Yahoo! News

I'll be perfectly honest. I don't care for Microsoft products all that much. But the two men that are discussed in this article are pretty amazing individuals. I use to go to Lotus Notes conferences back in the early nineties and listen to Ozzie speak. It was well worth the trip. Ozzie is a very talented individual and the kind of person Microsoft needs. It is funny though because he use to bash the hell out of Microsoft during those talks.

Bill Gates who was blasted and vilified (remember the pie in the face) as a businessman is doing some pretty amazing things for the world's population. I doubt the vast majority of the folks who did the blasting have ever or will ever contribute to the greater good of the world as Bill Gates is doing. Some may argue that Bill obtained his money through ruthless business tactics but I think few can argue with what he is doing with the money.

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