Friday, July 14, 2006

SOA Technology Adoption Reaches 90% in 2006, New AberdeenGroup Report Finds @ SOA WEB SERVICES JOURNAL

I don't know if anyone has seen this report but it is a load of you know what. 90% adoption rate, more like 10% would be my guess. A lot of companies are studying SOA and it's impact. But 90% implementing it? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

That seems hugely inflated. So much so, I was compelled to download the report.

Looking at the report methodology (page 36), it appears as though the goal of the survey was to unearth SOA best practices.

"The study aimed to identify emerging best practices for SOA-based integration and provide
a framework by which readers could assess their own SOA integration capabilities."

That would imply the survey was directed at existing practitioners. It's hard to get best practices from that other "10%" :)

The sample statements reads as though it was existing practitioner directed, but it does include the word "intentions".

"Between May and June 2006, AberdeenGroup examined the SOA middleware application,
integration competency, experiences, deployments and intentions of
enterprises in discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing, consumer product,
service, and public sector industries.
Responding IT and LOB technology executives completed an online survey that included
questions designed to determine the following:
• The maturity of SOA, ESB, and related SOA middleware use and experiences
• The technology buying criteria and the non-technical buying criteria which led to
an ESB and SOA middleware buying decision
• Current and planned use of SOA technology to improve application integration
and the ROI of SOA investments
• How enterprises are extracting more value using SOA middleware
• The challenges to using SOA middleware technology.
Aberdeen supplemented this online survey effort with telephone interviews with select
survey respondents, gathering additional information on SOA management strategies,
experiences, and results"

I suppose the good thing is the research methodology was included for us to try and parse through.

Isn't the hype fun?

Mark Griffin said...

Yep I'm thinking a SOA hype meter is in order. It could gauge the current number of articles/studies being released in a given day. :)

Jokes aside I had more issues with the way the media was releasing the findings versus the report itself. The report was very generous in it's coverage of what SOA is. The articles about the report however did not attempt to really clarify that. Pretty much just SOA adoption is at 90%. But that is pretty typical press coverage of any news event I find these days.