Saturday, February 17, 2007

UDDI Part 2

In my previous post I talked about working with MS's UDDI server. The Burton report that was released goes into a lot of detail about the big players in the Web Services management space like Systinet (Now owned by HP) and Infravio (Now owned by webMethods). The report really trashes MS's UDDI offering. I can certainly understand that, there is not much to it other than it's free with Windows Server 2003.

The bigger story however is the cost of the products mentioned above. They are expensive and thats all I going to say about that. So I'm curious now. How many folks are going out and buying these types of products versus building their own home grown solutions?

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JT said...

I have worked with registry products and home-grown solutions.
In my opinion an enterprise organization requires both and here's why...the UDDI product enforces enterprise class policy, description, and visibility to the investments in Web Services. They also expose APIs to enable discovery. SOA, as you know, does not equal Web Services. Local and custom internal single consumer (non-WS)services should permit placement in local registries. Its good isolation and prevents the enterprise registry from turning into an enterprise junk drawer.