Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shutting down the blog

It's been fun.



Anonymous said...

bummer! it's been great reading. -brenda

Unknown said...

I agree, bummer. Practitioner blogs are few and far between, but I know that keeping a blog is a labor of love (and difficult to walk the line when working in an enterprise). Good luck!


fuzzy said...

Yeah bummer - what made you snap?

Good luck.


Mark Griffin said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I've taken a new job. The responsibilities (still SOA/EAI with some BPM and BAM added) will keep me away from the blog for a while. I didn't want it to just sit stale.

I will however continue to read. So Brenda, Todd and Mike - keep up the great writing. I've learned a lot from you all. Thanks.

fuzzy said...

Hey why didn't you tell me you were looking? We have lots of great open jobs. Oh well.

Good luck.

Once you get a hold of yourself fire it back up.

I go in fits and starts of when I blog. Right now I am not much. Just too busy too. Lately I just blog about personal fun stuff. Just to keep my readers from totally bailing on me ;)



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