Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top 5 Uses for Google Earth

I was so inspired by this post on a great use of Google Earth I decided to come up with some other great uses of this technology. I know most of you have been struggling with how to leverage cloud computing and/or services hosted by external vendors. I'm here for you. Here's my top 5 uses.

5. Finding SOA. After all figuring out the oriented part is half the battle. Now you can know which way your SOA is oriented using hi-tech satellites. I believe the research will prove out that it's east/west instead of service. That would explain why so many here in the US are struggling with it. So that would be EOA and WOA(Don't confuse West Oriented Architecture with Web Oriented Architecture, this has nothing to do with spiders).

4. Finding the shortest lines at Disney World. I just got back and it would have been very helpful.

3. Finding Disney Land France. Apparently the British have no idea this exist and is just a train ride under the sea away.

2. Enforcing SOA Governance Policies. Yes by linking in the Google Earth satellite photos to our space based defense system you should now be able to fire a highly concentrated laser beam at wrongly oriented SOA implementations.

1. Cow Tipping of course. Now that you know where they are and which way they are facing it should be much easier.

Feel free to chime in with your own amazing uses of Google Earth. Please stay away from the mundane stuff like finding energy, fighting crime etc..

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