Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Thoughts on Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is getting a lot of press lately some of which is good and some not so good. There seems to be a lot of disagreement on what EA is and isn't. There is also disagreement on the value of EA. I'm not attempting to address either of those items just jotting down some observations as I monitor these conversations.

-How come it take so long for us IT folks to get a definition of something locked down? SOA, Cloud Computing, EA all are still debated on simple definition. This just serves to confuse others and generally hurts the overall progress.

-EA is evolving into distinct camps: Traditional EA which is IT based and heavy on the frameworks, business based which wants to evolve EA into the entire enterprise with IT just another component of that and a hybrid camp which is trying to bridge the gap.

-All of the EA discussions appear to still be IT based. I haven't seen a lot of business leaders jumping into the discussions. Some IT folks want to evolve EA beyond IT but have the business folks bought into that? Are the business schools focused in or have any discussions on EA at all?

-To much focus on the EA Frameworks can hurt the overall effort of EA. EA's become paper pushers and not architects.

Those are some random thoughts/observations I had while monitoring these ongoing EA conversations. The scope of EA seems to be the most hotly debated. EA is obviously focused on the business but at what level? I think that one is going to be tough to answer without business leaders joining in the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Please talk to us regarding the business value of these five enterprise architecture capabilities.

1. Strategy Formation, Planning and Alignment

2. Emerging Technologies and New Technology Innovation

3. Technology Risk and Impact

4. Investment Oversight and Architecture Governance

5. Architecture and Transformation

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Anonymous said...

The debate has been going for a while - here's what a few us were saying in 2008:

What is an Enterprise Architect?

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