Tuesday, December 13, 2005

elemental links: Open Source Considerations

Another very good article from Brenda Michelson on evaluating open source as a potential fit within your enterprise. There are a lot of good questions to ask when evaluating open source and its potential within the enterprise and Brenda really does a good job of laying them out. I especially like the question she asks "Could you Survive Alone?". I think that should be the very first question you should ask yourself. If you cannot get past that one, then open source is probably not for you unless you are going after a pretty safe product ie Linux or Apache etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, thanks for endorsing my work with you posts. If you ever want to chat about your work - or topics of mutual interest (SOA, Open Source, Integration etc.) let me know. -Brenda

Anonymous said...

Any time Brenda. Your articles are very informative.