Saturday, December 31, 2005

SOA and Web Services Soup to Nuts @ SOA WEB SERVICES JOURNAL

The article link above is to an article on SOA Web Services Journal. The article is about visual design and web services. The author is a product manager for Altova . I use Altova XMLSpy a lot for schema checking and validation. The author is suggesting that contract driven design using a visual editor is best. Build the WSDL and schemas first before creating the service. I must confess that most web services I have created have been from existing services or I have created the service from scratch then generated the WSDL. But the idea of creating the contract first makes a lot sense. Using a house analogy, you create a set of blueprints before you start the house.

I have talked with a few folks at other companies that are taking this design approach. Usually they say the WSDL generation tools from services are to limiting in their capability. Anybody out there using Altova to do this? Anybody creating WSDL's from hand?

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