Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Eclipse 3.1 with WTP 1.0

Still working on some interoperability testing with Eclipse and the new release of the WTP toolset. I found something interesting with working with the document/literal wrapped style of WSDL. Normally in you WSDL design with a document/literal wrapped style, you would have your operation name the same as your input message. And this in fact works for a large portion of the toolsets including, Axis 1.3, webMethods, .Net, and Suns Studio Creator. This does not work however with Eclipse. In Eclipse if you try and generate a proxy or a web service based off that type of WSDL, you will not get the messages deserialized into java beans. In other words instead of a method like createTicket(ServiceRequest request), you will get createTicket(arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5).

The work around I have found for this is to change the operation name into something other than the message input name. See the screenshot below. Notice that the operation name is different from the input message. With the WSDL setup like this the beans are generated correctly.

Not really the ideal thing to have to do. I'm attempting to work with the Eclipse folks to see if this is a bug or intended behavior.


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