Saturday, April 08, 2006

A bit of irony

I spend a lot of my time architecting solutions that are designed to be robust and highly available. Redundant this and redundant that. Clusters, documentation, procedures, change management. The list goes on and on. These solutions are all designed so that the customer does not lose time because of hardware or software outages.

I spend so much time doing this that I sometimes forget about my on system, my laptop. Well crash, boom on Friday. The old hard drive had enough. While I recovered all of the data, I spent most of the day reinstalling software (still have more to go). And while I could have made an image from time to time of the hard drive, I never seemed to find time to do that. I was lucky in that the data was still reachable since my backup was not as current as it should have been. A nice refresher lesson.

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