Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fedora Core 5

I've been working with Fedora 5 specifically on a USB installation. The goal there is to boot from a USB drive instead of hard drive to keep my work image clean (laptop). It's working pretty well so far. Here is a link to a good set of instructions if you are interested in working with Fedora but don't want it on your primary hard drive. Look for the post by masterzzz for the detailed instructions. The only additional thing I would add is remove your hard drive (assuming laptop here) prior to install. Otherwise the installation is going to want to put the boot loader Grub on your primary hard drive. Oh and make sure you have USB 2.0 support with your device, otherwise slow......

My ultimate goal here is to do some work with Xen virtualization and some distributed Web Service's adapter services I'm toying with. More on that a little later.

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