Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Great Support

Don't know if any of you have or are using Eclipse for anything. I'm using it to do some interoperability testing with their WTP module. I've talked about their WSDL support in a earlier post, its pretty good for free. I wanted to mention their support/development community. It's staffed by a lot of folks at IBM. There are others but a whole lot come from Big Blue. I recently found what I thought was bug. I got a response back the same day I entered it. And it was resolved by the next day. Turns out it was not a bug but a desired ableit somewhat quirky behavior.

My point about all this is of course the Open Source support fear that a lot of companies still have. I find that in general Open Source software support is better than paid support. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. 1 - Pride of ownership in a much smaller company or community. Most of the time you are dealing with the people who wrote the software or are very close to it. 2 - You are dealing most of the time with the people who wrote the software or are very close to it. You are not going through some 1st level support help desk that has questionable training let alone any in depth knowledge of the product. The answers are quick and usually very accurate. Of course a lot of Open Source companies offer the support contract if you are so inclined.

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