Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I finally got Solaris 10 (Intel version) installed in a Parallels VM. I had a bit of a mouse problem that was holding me up. Just for the pure geekdom I had Solaris 10, Windows XP (Base System) and Fedora Core 5 (complete with running webMethods Integration Server Instance) running at the same time. It taxed my laptop pretty hard but it was pretty cool. It struck me as funny that I was doing this as I was writing up our company's Integration\SOA\Web Services strategy. On the surface two very unrelated tasks to say the least.

I have found in my role that effective Integration Architecture requires a wide range of skills. It goes well beyond pure development, touching things like Networking, OS's, Databases, MOM systems, Servers, Systems Management and more. It may seem obvious or it may not. But I find a lot of the things I read failing to take these things into account. What do you think? What skills have you found make a good integration architect?

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