Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eclipse STP Project

There is an interesting story that is taking shape here. This is a recent article discussing the upcoming release of the STP platform for Eclipse. If you remember, I posted a thought (Culture Clash) about the webMethods purchase of Infravio. The quick summary of that was a discussion about Infravio's contribution to Eclipse and Apache versus the more closed culture at webMethods.

The STP tools project got a major infusion from Infravio (according to Infravio, the founding member). I also notice that the STP tool set is going to use the Celtix Open Source ESB. This is a product seeded from Iona.

Anybody else think this is weird? All of these folks are competitors or were at one point. How will all of this play out? Don't know but it will be interesting to watch. I'm especially interested to see how webMethods will absorb Infravio and how its own tool set will evolve. Will they abandon their own proprietary tool set in favor of the open Eclipse based tools? Or will they consume the functionality of Infravio into their own tools?

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