Friday, November 03, 2006

Red Hat woes

You have to wonder if Microsoft is serious about this or are they just trying to smack Red Hat around a little bit.

Novell Shares Spike 20% As Wall St Journal Reports Microsoft To Start Reselling SUSE LINUX
— In a move that caused Red Hat shares to tumble 3.2% and Novell's to surge by 20% in the same period of trading today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is going to start providing support for SUSE LINUX and that it is working too on Microsoft-Linux interoperability.
I guess it could be a response to Oracle's support of Red Hat. It is interesting to see both the upside and downside of Open Source at the same time. For customers, the upside is no lock-in to a particular vendor (Assuming you are not using any proprietary extensions). For vendors, the downside is you really only have your service/support offering to support you.

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