Monday, December 18, 2006


Fuzzy put the tag on me so here I go with five things most folks don't know about me:

-I was a Captain in the US Army National Guard for 8 years. I commanded a M1 Tank company as my last assignment. I even jumped out of working airplanes. Now I write software, sure they go together. :)

-I was a history major in college (East Carolina University - Go Pirates). I took a Fortran class with punch cards and hated it. Now I write software.

-I lost the conference championship singles tennis match my senior year of high school after going undefeated during the season. Still #$% me off when I think about. But I choked in that match.

-I was a horrible student but I really enjoyed High School and College.

-My favorite thing to do is watch the new Dr. Who with my eight year daughter. Actually any with the family is on the fav list. We have a great time together.

Okay for the victims, I'm tagging Mark Carlson, Nathan Lee, Todd Biske, Scott Mark, Sam Lowe.

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Todd Biske said...

Thanks for the tag, now you can learn all about my moments of fame. :)