Monday, December 04, 2006

Web Services ''Reuse'' is Number One Driver For SOA @ SOA WEB SERVICES JOURNAL

Here is another study on reuse and SOA. The main point of the article is that reuse is the number one benefit in adopting a SOA strategy. Of course the research is sponsored by a vendor whose product happens to be...yes that's right a registry and repository. The study goes on to say that most don't have a registry or repository. Surprise! No not really.

Do you think the lack of a registry is holding back reuse? Not me. I think complex business logic is difficult (if not impossible) to reuse. There are probably some enterprise wide services, but not a lot, that have the potential for reuse. Most services I suspect will not be in the enterprise category but more specific to lines of business.

Of course the other factor is the type of business you are in and the types of IT systems you use. SOA is not a cookie cutter approach but unique to each business. Ther e is no one size fits all in my opinion.

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