Thursday, June 12, 2008

Security - LifeLock Article

Here is a very good and objective article on LifeLock by Bruce Schneier. There are a couple of reasons it's good. First, Bruce did some homework to help present facts versus perceptions. That's enough to want to read it by itself. Second, it's interesting. We have all seen the commercial with the CEO's SSN number on the truck. Haven't you wondered if that was real?

Not to get to deep into politics but Bruce has some good points on lobbyist and our government (for those of you in the US). We are very focused on the upcoming presidential election here in America but the reality is the real power is in congress and with the lobbyist(in this case the banks). I think regardless of who wins the presidential race, a lot of folks are going to be disappointed a couple of years down the road when they realize nothing has really changed.


Anonymous said...

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Timothy said...

The funny part about that number on the truck thing is that CEO ended up having his identity stolen because of it. Guess it wasn't so smart to broadcast your personal information like that after all, even if you are "protected" by LifeLock!