Thursday, July 03, 2008

Business Activity Monitoring

One project I'm working on at the moment is using webMethod's Optimize for Process. It does BAM for processes. One feature of this product suite that I don't think webMethods does enough advertising on is it's ability to monitor external processes. This means you can send activity data to the BAM platform without using webMethods process engine runtime to manage your process. Basically any system or service that can invoke a web service can send data.

The really cool aspect of this is that you are able to map out your process using webMethods Designer and but then having it orchestrated or implemented by a completely different system(s). From the webMethods monitoring platform it still appears as a webMethods implemented process. If you are a webMethods customer, you should check out the functionality of the web service data collector that is part of the Optimize engine. It is extremely easy to use and features are very robust.

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