Tuesday, January 03, 2006

BEA and JBoss Blogs Stir SCA Open Source Debate @ JAVA DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL

Competing standards, now how did that happen? At any rate the standards war is likely to be with us a while longer if not always. For an internal IT shop, and this is just my opinion, but I wouldn't worry to much about the standards at this point. There is a lot to be gained from an SOA style approach to application development and wiring. Messaging, abstraction, loose coupling etc have lots of benefits to an organization even in a proprietary format.

If you do that, your services will become more agile, more reusable, more reliable and you will be shielded at least somewhat from vendor change and churn. Standards will come and go. And even with standards there will still be interoperability issues. It's really strange how vendors interpret stuff. If you haven't run into interoperability issues with web services, it's probably time to move beyond "hello world" and the single platform.

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