Monday, January 16, 2006

Is there an open source community? | Open Source |

I found this article by Dana Blankenhorn over on zdnet. There is also another article by Joe Mckendrick along the same lines. Both articles talk about software as services. The summary is where business and users get software is evolving. One part of this is because of the emphasis on SOA and viewing the world of software and applications as a set of services. The second part of this is the Open source movement.

There are a number of folks now talking about harnessing these two things (SOA and Open Source) to make a business more competitive. Of course harness is the key. Done incorrectly you can increase your cost pretty dramatically. More on this later.

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Mark Griffin said...

One additional thought on this. I worked for startup back in the 90's. We used (and purchased) a lot of the software stack that Sun has recently released as open source. The licensing fees were pretty large back then. I can only wonder if the volume of open source software that is available now had been available then, would we still be kicking? This is definitely an advantage for startups getting going now.